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Welcome to tonyhennessygenealogy.com

Firstly a bit about myself:

I am a professional genealogist and a member, since 2012, of Accredited Genealogists Ireland. I have been involved in the world of genealogy since 1985.  I undertake personalized genealogical research for both native Irish and members of our diaspora, in approximately equal measure

I specialize in drawing bespoke family trees, very often for presentation or as a gift to mark a particular occasion ie. Granny’s 75th birthday, parents’ 40th wedding anniversary etc.
The Mayors of Boston and Chicago and US Senator Bernie Sanders have been recipients of my family trees, as have business leaders in Ireland and elsewhere.  However, most of my clients are private individuals who are passionate about their own family histories.

I have recently collaborated with the Travelling community and the National Library of Ireland on a series of Traveller family trees that were subsequently presented to the NLI.

I also teach on genealogy courses at UCC, UL and Dublin City Colleges and deliver genealogy-related lectures and talks.

I live by the sea in Co. Waterford with my wife and children and some dogs and cats

The next step...

If you would like to commission genealogical research drop me an email at waterfordorigins@gmail.com with the details of your request and I will reply.  I may suggest I undertake a preliminary exploration of sources, charged at €75, to inform a considered appraisal and recommendation for a pathway forward.  Genealogical research is charged at €75 per hour.  I would usually recommend a 5 or 10 hour search.

If you wish to commission a family tree chart drop me an email at waterfordorigins@gmail.com giving some details of the genealogical information you may have and I will reply with details of the process and budget costs.  

Remember genealogical information is the essential raw material for a family tree.  This information may be gathered and supplied by the client (sometimes over many years of dedicated research) or alternatively may be researched and uncovered by me - or maybe a combination of both.

What people are saying...

  • "Tony is a joy to work with, conscientious, smart and good fun to boot. His trees are superb, with great overall layouts and eye-catching, fine-scale detail, exactly what you want in a family tree."

  • "I have engaged Tony Hennessy, MAGI, a number of times to create pedigree charts based on my research for clients, for inclusion in privately circulated family histories.  Using my summarised narrative, he has expertly converted the information into chart form.  The resulting charts have been a model of clarity and professionalism"

  • "I have worked with Tony Hennessy for a number of years and have used his facilities to design and produce family trees for many of my customers. In this time I have always found him to be helpful, committed and thoroughly professional. He has a gift for design and presentation and is always eager to understand and to meet customer requirements, which I have greatly appreciated. He provides flexible and adaptable services at acceptable prices and is happy to accept the inevitable changes and revisions and to implement them quickly and efficiently. Tony is a professional who provides a quality service that I can thoroughly recommend."

  • "Tony Hennessy is an experienced and efficient genealogist with an intimate knowledge of the sources for Irish genealogy and their availability.  He is a gifted communicator whose lectures and courses are widely esteemed and enjoyed.  I can recommend him unreservedly."

  • "Tony Hennessy has been central to the teaching staff of the NUI Diploma in Genealogy at UCC and the UL Certificate in History of Family and Genealogical Methods since their inception in 2011-12. 
    He has been a very effective teacher and researcher and his presentations and practicals are much enjoyed by the students. His teaching style is very accessible and filled with valuable and colourful case studies. 
    I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a teacher, guest lecturer and researcher."